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PREFACE to the Third Edition

The second edition of this book appeared in 1994, and has been long out of print. SFEMG has become an important addition to other EMG techniques, not only in myasthenic conditions, but also for other applications. New information has been gathered over the years from others and from us, and it seems pertinent to summarize the present status of SFEMG knowledge in a third edition. In this Edition, Prof. Donald Sanders has joined and contributed with his vast experience in EMG and neurology, not least in the field of myasthenia gravis.
Some of the previous chapters have been rearranged, old text has been revised or discarded and a number of figures have been replaced. Since some material may have historic interest to highlight milestones in the development of SFEMG, we have kept some of this material, partly in a separate chapter, partly elsewhere in small print. The index, being an important part of a book intended to be a general source of information, has been extended somewhat.
Like an old Oriental carpet, this book contains some errors – nothing is perfect. Feel free to let us know of any that you discover.
After an initial explanation, we have not repeated the full wording of abbreviations in each Chapter, but refer to the list of Abbreviations at the beginning of the book.
We hope that this book is informative, both for the beginners who will get basic information about techniques, indications and pitfalls, but also to the experienced electromyographer. Many of the phenomena clearly seen in SFEMG have their counterparts in conventional EMG. Therefore, knowledge about SFEMG may provide a better understanding of routine EMG, even for those not performing SFEMG.

Uppsala, Ljubljana, Durham
March 2010

                   Erik V. Stålberg          Jože V. Trontelj         Donald B. Sanders